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A beautiful town, hidden in the mountains of Northern Thailand, Pai is the hippie & bohemian destination of Southeast Asia, drawing thousands of gypsies and travelers from around the world. Known for its flourishing music and art scene, Pai is where a group of nomadic and creative souls serendipitously met and came together to start One Tribe Apparel.

After a few beers and noticing they were all wearing Bamboo Harem Pants, they decided to bring this hidden gem of Thailand’s unique and hippie culture to you.

Some would call them a bunch of misfits–but in their somewhat dazed eyes, they saw unlimited, untapped, creative potential.

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Assembling in an empty room at their hostel, they constructed a makeshift studio and started shooting. After many revisions and improvements, they are finally ready to present this product to you.


It is your turn to see why everyone in Southeast Asia is wearing Bamboo Harem Pants–order a pair and if you aren’t 100% satisfied return them for a full refund (less shipping).


The harem pants for women can be a perfect fit whether you’re starting your day with an early yoga session or ending your night with dancing. You may even find that they suit you best while relaxing next to a crackling fire or laying out in a hammock under the hot sun. Their womens harem pants come in four distinct styles – Peacock, Elephant, Aladdin & Paisley with each style having multiple color options.


The flexible drawstring adjustability means these harem pants for girls are one size fits all and can be adjusted to your liking. The versatility is truly a highlight that will allow you to pursue your day in peace & comfort.


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