My Experience with New Skoda Rapid

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Skeptical at first, especially with all the options available in the market, I wasn’t sure if I will find my dream car at the Skoda showroom. But when I stepped into the building, I started to browse around in a room full of beautiful, shiny and gorgeous cars. However, one car, immediately caught my eye. As I walked towards it, a very friendly employee introduced me to himself and then the Skoda Rapid. I felt like I was judging the car by just the look of it and I might not be making a wise decision, but I was willing to take the chance. I decided to go on a test drive and here is my review.


In my honest opinion, Skoda Rapid is exactly what I ever wanted. It’s like a car built for me! When I drove the car for the first time around the vicinity, I got quite some eyes on me. I didn’t even step outside of the car when I was surrounded by people closely yet subtly admiring the car. They couldn’t help but notice the classy and elegant style it carried. The strikingly beautiful red shine on the brand-new car just made me all giggly inside. The chrome finish and stunning sharp edges with very tasteful set of headlights just made me wish I never let it out of my sight. And the signature Skoda grille is just like the perfect fit to the already trendy design.



The interior of the new Skoda Rapid is what I call the definition of luxury! The smooth leather surface and ample space for comfort makes every ride an enjoyable experience. What I love the most is the adjustable steering wheel. It feels as if this car was tailor-made for me only. The car also has a vibrant screen that holds the Mirror link Technology making the car a lot more accessible. Moreover, the soft armrest and automatic air conditioning are a blessing, especially in that traffic during rush hours. 

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My family used to always fight to be at the front seat of my last car, but when my mom and sister got to sit on the rear seat since the sales person sat next to me. I was surprised to see them so comfortable and enjoy the ride without once insisting to come to the front seat. The rear seats are just so comfortable and roomy. In the end, I would just say that this car will definitely make a significant impact on my daily life.


I loved every moment of the drive. Ask my mom, she would testify to the fact that now I’ll have to take her daily for a ride after office hours if I buy this car. I recommend everyone to give Skoda Rapid a try. It’s packed with features, style, luxury and ultimately, its smooth performance.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography: Sushant Sawant

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