Bags That Compliment His Look

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By: Roshni Raj

Why should girls have all the fun? It’s not just them who have things to carry around in their oversized flashy bags. Boys, gear up! We bring you the smashing styles caped in luxury branding and fabulous modes, bags that compliment your every need and look.

Straight off the runway we picked this one to be one of our top favourites. Holiday bags are rare to find and this one is pure luxury pouring out in fashion. We love the simplicity it holds it terms of shades and hue, but the light weighted ease it provides for a man to carry it off it what works perfectly in this segment. Louis Vuitton, you will always be a stunner.

Louis Vuitton

In this vast galaxy of fashion branding and weightage to names, we discovered a cut throat competing winner. Gucci with its immaculate blend of colour and logo has managed to chronically overstretch breadths of fashion. The box bag with the shade of blue is a mark of perfection to many and we wouldn’t dare to differ.


They don’t have their own extravagant arena showcasing their impeccable collection but we do find the glimmering beacon of style through other ways. This Coach rectangular bag with an option of sling and multicoloured in shades of brown, beige and blue is winning hearts all over. Spacious as it looks, seems extremely comfortable to carry as well.


We can now hope to see a little less of those wanna-be marijuana bags’ and man-shady-slings. Yes?

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