Being the Family Guy

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I was lucky enough to start my own business of PR and Brand consultation at an age younger than most people. Not going to lie, but I was terrified that my entire life will never be the same from that point onward. I would have more responsibilities towards work and at the same time balance out my family life. And there were still many things dear to me that I was not willing to give up, i.e. carrying my love for fashion in this new phase of life. I decided I will create a better balance between my new-found responsibilities and my passion and so I decided to start blogging.

In hindsight, now that I think about it, my fears were unnecessary. Sure, I did not want to have dull life like most business men claim they have, but that is because they choose that lifestyle themselves. It is not written in stone that one must give up his lifestyle choices as soon as he takes up to family responsibilities. That sort of mentality makes men like us prefer living alone instead. And from my perspective, being a family man does not automatically prevent you to follow what you love doing. I am a workaholic, yet I am not embarrassed to say that I care about how I look. I still fulfill my responsibilities, also making time to follow the latest fashion trends.

Seeing me, many people have commented that I do not look like the typical family guy. And I believe they are simply stereotyping a family guy look. I don’t shop at Everything Beige Store’, I still care about how trendy I look. I personally get my look from Shoppers Stop. They have a large variety of trendy outfits from several amazing brands. You can check out my look below. My shirt is by the fashion designer Rocky S and pants by Stop. Both one of my favorite designers that contribute largely to the way I look.




I believe that you are only as old as the outfit you rock. I am a man and an entrepreneur, yet l do not shy away from the lifestyle choice I’ve selected. It is something that always keep my youth solid in me.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral| Photography: Sushant Sawant| Wardrobe by: Shoppers Stop

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