Brunch Time Dressing for Men

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Move over Friday night partying. If there’s one thing that’s playing on the new gen’s mind, it is Where to go for Sunday brunch?’ What makes choosing the right place for pancakes and waffles even more interesting is the opportunity it provides to look through your wardrobe to put together the right brunch look.

Before we tell you what to wear, we are first going to acquaint you with the rules of the brunch dressing game.

Rule 1: Always make a note of the dress code.


While most places that host a brunch allow a casual attire, some go on to define casual’. Making a mental note of the decorum of the place could help ensure the undercooked eggs are not the only things that are talked about.

Rule 2: Keep it simple yet classy with the right accessory.


Remember it’s a classy day affair so accessorize with a platinum bracelet or a platinum chain to add that extra hint of style and panache. Keep off the bling and keep it understated and sophisticated.

Rule 3: Make sure you are well groomed before you step out.

The Brunch Look for Men

It’s always good to be prepared in advance. We recommend you make sure you book your appointment with your hair stylist and fine tune your look a day prior before you step out for a brunch.

Dig into your meal in a killer outfit while having statement sunglasses, bold colours and more on your menu.

Afterall, a Sunday is more than just the bacon, pancakes and conversation!

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Wardrobe by: Brooks Brothers | Jewelry by: Precious Platinum | Grooming partners: Truefitt and Hill

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