Different types of bags for men

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Many men make do without them, many can’t do without their one of a kind college reminiscence and many haven’t even heard of the varieties that have been born over time. While the fairer sex finds the need for the ownership of bags in all shapes and sizes a key essential to her life, men are frivolous with the thought of carrying any sort of ‘bag’ unless of the utmost necessity. Backpacks and briefcases are two items men have found comfort in for decades as they have lived with him, graduating from high school to the working class. But little do they know, that there are different types of bags for men that they could consider, in the long run.

1. Duffel bags
different types of bags for men this is the Duffel Bags.
Duffel Bags
Most modern men find the duffel bag an absolute piece of perfection for the one who is on the go, due to its functionality and structure. These bags are also less carried by women, making them a resemblance of masculinity. Best part is that it can be carried almost anywhere, whether it is the gym, on weekends or at a workplace. Just make sure you get the right one for the right occasion, in the right size.
2. Messenger bags
different types of bags for men this is the  Messenger Bags
Messenger Bags
Probably the most ideal bag for both sexes due to the fact that it is placed across your body and is just right in size, leaving it fuss free and practical. Although, a tad bit feminine for certain lads, this one we praise for different reasons. Recommending you buy one that suits you and let it convince you of its benefits.
3. Totes
 the Men's Tote
Men’s Tote
Another reason men don’t love bags. The tote being the supreme of them all. Men are still getting used to the fact that they are available in forms for the male predominator. Only a favourite because it has the room to accommodate most of the essential things you need everyday. That’s why the women love em!
4. Briefcase
 the Men's Briefcase
Men’s Briefcase
When you think of briefcase, you simply think of how it has magically transformed over a period of time from playing a part of a series of professions, from your local doctor to a boardroom meeting with your company manager. The briefcase is only getting bigger and better. And adds a high dose of class.
The Backpacks for men
Yes, we haven’t forgotten what most lads love, the essence of high school and trekking adventures. While the other bag options are relatively taking position, this one is here to stay, due to its dual purpose. Try and keep this one when absolutely needed.
It’s about time, men deviate from their usual preferences and look for comfort in these different types of bags for men. We promise you wouldn’t regret it!
By: Fleur De Mello
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