How to kick start your running regimen?

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Running is not just a warm up activity, but one of the best ways to stay in shape. If you are a runner, you already know the benefits of running. It helps your overall mental health, strengthens your core, helps in weight control and strengthens your immune system. It also helps in boosting your self confidence, increase your attention span and overall makes you a very happy and cheerful person.

When I decided to kick start my fitness regimen, I wanted to keep it simple. So I took up to running for reasons mentioned above. However, the journey was not a smooth ride. Running may seem a very easy form of exercise, but it is really not the case. Also, to make running a part of your daily routine is a very challenging task. Over a period of time you tend lose motivation because the results are not quick as compared to lifting weights. But the benefits and the results you get from running have a lifetime effect. Patience is the key.

So what did I do to keep myself motivated? I got a mail from the Yepme team about the launch of their new high performance spring blade running shoes for men. I never really considered investing in a running shoe earlier. Having said that, I was inclined to review the spring blade running shoe launched by Yepme.


These shoes are made of lightweight sole & very high quality upper which gives you comfort & muscle protection along with style.


We decided to put the shoe to the test under different intensities.

Up Hill: Running up hill seemed very easy as the spring blade effect accelerated my motion and made running feel more like gliding.




Straight Path: I wanted to test whether or not the spring blade action would make you run a little uneven due to its curvy design. But to my surprise the shoe helps you take straight and firm strides without make your landing uneasy. At the same time it accelerates your ankle to take on the next stride.


Even Ground: Running has never been so much fun before. Once again its less like running and more like gliding while boosting your momentum. This shoe can really make you take that extra mile.




Down Hill: However, we must admit that running down hill with these shoes can give you the nostalgia when you rode down-hill in a bicycle without brakes. You can tend to lose control at times because the spring blade action continues to accelerate your motion.


All in all we give a thumbs up to the Yepme spring blade running shoes. I feel this shoe can be used in multiple sports, especially basketball where you need that bounce to take a dunk!

If these pictures don’t intrigue you watch the Yepme commercial here

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography by: Prachi Chhabria and Chandu 



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