5 Type of Watches for Men

Story by: Netish Sharma

For years now, the one accessory that stood the test of time for men is their beloved watch. It may be a pocket watch or one worn on the wrist, this is one such a ornament that men simply cannot do without. Over the years, styles have evolved and so has the collection in every man’s closet. A watch for every occasion, if I may. Today, wrist watches are mainly categorized into two types. i.e. analog and digital. Digital watches consist of an LED or LCD display and it shows time in numerical digits, while the analog version show hands of the clock. The straps of these watches are usually made of plastic, rubber or metal. When it comes to the analog category, there are mainly five types of watches for men.

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A dress watch is typically slim, simple yet sophisticated. Most dress watches fall in a 34 mm to 40 mm case size. These watches are typically outfitted with a leather strap and it can be textured or smooth. Sometimes, this watch even comes in precious metals like yellow, white, platinum and rose gold. It can’t be worn with sportswear!

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A diver watch is specially designed for underwater diving and is, of course, water resistant. A diver watch must be resistant to at least 100 meters. Most dive watches have rubber or stainless steel straps. They are the most adaptable to seawater and can bear pressure, direct sunlight and humidity.

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The chrono watch is also known as racing/driving watches. It always includes a chronograph and sometimes a date complication as well. These watches usually have a case of stainless steel and the strap is made of leather or metal. You can wear a chrono watch with casual and sportswear.

The Chrono Watch

A pilot watch enables pilot to easily and quickly tell time during good and bad weather and for day or night flights. The straps of these watches are typically leather. Most of these watches have large and dark dials with indices or contrasting numbers. These watches offer a great amount of luminosity to enhance readability. It can be worn with dress codes like business casual, casual wear and sportswear.

A field watch is simple and known as a trench watch. These watches were specially designed for soldiers to wear during WWII. Field watches are rugged, functional, versatile timepieces and tough for active duty. These are usually small to medium in size and has a leather or canvas strap. These watches have easy-to-read face and comes with date complication or none at all.