Royal Families Who Have Rejected Traditional Dressing To Stay Relevant With CHANGING TIMES


There is no doubt that appearance is mostly affected by the clothes we wear. For the last couple of years, people have been questioning whether we should still wear our traditional clothes or else follow western trends. We must learn how to go with the flow no matter what. Nowadays taking up new trends is slowly becoming an option. The modern fashion is not only embraced by the common man, but also by the royal families.

Although some people still believe that traditional clothes should be retained, this is not the case. Do you know that in the early days royal families had an admirable sense of fashion? It represented their culture and identity.

No one would predict that one day they would come to discard their own culture. To many people, western trends provide freedom of expression. You have the full freedom to add your own taste and also ideas. That is the reason why the following royal families are classy, stylish and attractive. Just read through this article to see royal families who have embraced the modern dressing rather than sticking to their traditional dressing.


She was born to Scottish parents in Tasmania. In 2004, she became the crown princess of Denmark. This was after she married Prince Frederik. Mary has specialized in marketing and communications. She has for years participated in humanitarian and cultural activities. Usually, she is compared to the Duchess of Cambridge. If you are a fashion enthusiast you must be knowing that indeed Princess Mary is one of the most fashionable royal family members. She has been featured in some well-known fashion magazines.


Born in Venezuela, Tatiana was raised in Switzerland. Before she got married, she had worked as a long term event planner. She is one of the most famous royal families’ members who prefer a low profile on public domain.  Her style is quite unique when compared to other royals. She has emerged more a little bit contemporary than other royals. In most cases, you will see her with a printed blazer and tailored trouser.


Sophie is married to Queen Phillips youngest son, Prince Edward. Until 2002, she was working as a public relation officer. At once she was considered as very frumpy, but as for now, she is one of the most fashionable royals. Thanks to the major dresser, David Quick.


She became a queen just after her husband ascended to the throne. She is one of the very few royals who are not afraid to show their stylish skills. Some have claimed that her fashion choices are quite daring. But she is never shy to show people her prowess. She proudly carries her fashion with poise and smile. The queen is not only admired by the common people, but also the very best designers.


Fashion is something that keeps changing. It drives the modern economy, influences tastes and mediates communication. The above royal families are just the perfect examples who have shown their sense of fashion. They have proved to the world that change in fashion is inevitable.

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