The Derby Is Back

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By: Roshni Raj

It’s Saturday!! And Mumbai gears up for its very own Aisha’ moment. Yes! You guessed it right, the Derby is back. With style and glamour taking over every event in this city, Mahalaxmi Race Course is expected to be flooded with the who’s who of the Popular’ fraternity.

And all of you waiting to choose from the gazillion options of what to wear and what not to wear, we’re here to sort it out. Stealing from the cliché we bring three must haves at the event today. For all those who are bound to be clad in heavy jewellery and exorbitantly-pocket-burning-worthy sarees, you can move on. But hey, don’t you forget to stay back and watch the fashion show. This is going to be one hell of glamour with the rich man’s sport.

Inspired from the sensational and flawlessly stylish Aisha’ we are sticking to Hats! Find your styles in the galaxy of choices but we’d say stick to simple, classy and not too big ones. How about this one? Looks absolutely stunning with the bow and the colour neutralizes the ease and comfort.

Derby Hat
Derby Hat

Shades and sunblock are but obvious, so we move on to our love for accessorizing. Pearls are a complete love at first buy and considering the femme fatales who will be strutting around in million dollar gowns, pearls are a mark of sophistication to blend in the crowd. What we are also looking at is the bag; but more like clutches. Petite and cozy we love how these seem so flattering and drop dead gorgeous.


Since the men are all going to dressed in high class suits or semi formal Derby’ look, we thought we’d help around a little with the shoes. Juxtaposing the trend of Moccasins and formal shoes, we found these extremely smart. With Jodhpuris too, probably!

men shoes

Enjoy the race and keep it stylish!

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