Being Man @ 20’s

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Everyone when asked about the twenties, generalise 20-29 as the range. But trust me mate, at the age of 28 right now, what I figured out is, it’s the mid 20’s that ask for transition, precaution and attention. So, 20-23 is just a bit extension of your academics, not beyond books, girlfriends, cars, bikes, weed and for some loneliness. On the other hand 28-29 is just a threshold into the quarter life crisis, so the after-effects of that would need a worry at 35, I guess.

During 24-27 you see all the “tion’s’ happening: attention, precaution and transition.

  • Transition: from academics to the 1st Job interview and if you are lucky than no further.
  • Precaution: in choosing your essentials, from wardrobe to gadgets, from Hyundai to Beemer.
  • Attention: to showcase your best potential and image to embark every step of success.

But since we are here to talk fashion we shall directly jump to what details that the Gents need to take care of at 24-29.

Yes, we understand that at in this phase you will be young, energetic, independent and full of zest, but unless your profession is no less than a ROCKSTAR, try following the illustrative as under, experimenting with your creative skills.




By: Team FMW

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