Breathe Into Life!

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You’ve always been a tourist here. You just didn’t know it.

Summer brings with it a feeling of unbidden nostalgia. You think back fondly on the memories of a lighthearted summer romance. You smile inwardly at yourself in the mirror as you resolutely make up your mind about taking that long overdue road trip with a friend. I collaborated with my partner in crime Swati Sharma from to explore a different dash of life.


We see people around us all the time. Some try to portray an image of self contentment and happiness. But if you have heard the track by Simon and Garfunkel Sound of silence’ you’ll know how their hypocrisy is exposed to the free spirited mind.

And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening

People writing songs that voices never share

No one dare

Disturb the sound of silence


While you are on the journey of self-exploration, you realize that you have grown up indeed. Your loud slogan tees have given way to a classic and elegant style that your peers can spot from a mile. Those casual shirts have graduated to being crisp linen shirts, polo t-shirts in bright and vibrant colors. I believe that wearing bright colors is the best way you can celebrate life. One glance at the US Polo Assn spring summer collection and I was so inspired with the brand that I decided to embark on our journey. Where Swati and me decided to break the norms and follow our free spirit to #UNFAKE  every action and find fun in the most simplest things in life.


The moment we do not pretend, Life is Fun! We should always remember to take a moment or maybe a weekend away to replenish and indulge, in what we call the days of our lives.

GO ON A TRAIN RIDE: Go to your nearest railway station book your ticket to the last stop and enjoy the ride without having a particular destination to get down. Get down at a station you’ve never seen before and explore the place around you.





EXPLORE THE WHIFF OF FRESH AIR: Riding a bike can give you a feeling of flying in the sky. The rush of wind gushing through you while you cut your way through the air.

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7Z1A4044 copy.jpg

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REVIVE AN ACTIVITY YOU LOVE DOING: Bear in mind, that the skies unfurl, reminding us that we must always remember to seek adventures that unravel our minds.

7Z1A5037 copy.jpg

7Z1A4952 copy.jpg

7Z1A5070 copy

7Z1A5003 copy.jpg


TRY TO STRETCH YOUR LIMITS: Everyday try something new that you haven’t done before. This time I decided to flex my muscles and push myself to the limit.

7Z1A4191 copy.jpg


BE WITH FRIENDS WHO MAKE YOU HAPPY: When was the last time you laughed so hard you could barely breathe or you couldn’t stop smiling just because something pleased you and left you in a euphoric state of mind?




7Z1A4105 copy

The above mentioned activities are things that are close to our heart and every moment gave us solace. You may find you moment of joy gossiping over glasses of red wine with your girlfriends, a plunging sky diving scenario in Dubai or a quiet date with your favourite novel and a hot cup of chocolate, you may try anything that puts meaning into the word life.

A FMW Production in association with The Arch Attire

Conceptualised by: Swati Sharma and Jeremy Cabral | Story by: Jeremy Cabral | Photography by: Sushant Swant | Wardrobe by: US Polo Assn| Male Model: Jeremy Cabral | Female Model: Swati Sharma | Cycle Sponsor: Bharat Cycles

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