Introducing The Dynamic Aspects of Indigo Nation

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While the brand has been around for quite a while, it isn’t only until recently that they have gained limelight for their Autumn/ Winter Collection ’14. It seems to be the perfect ode to the kind of men who like to throw on their multi personas though the buzzing week, hinting at us that there is more than what meets the eye. The startling ‘subject to change’ characteristic is present in the collection that takes a shift in the nonstop route of a man who is constantly engaged in everyday happenings.

The unabashed one who takes the workplace drama a little less serious and is enviable of his social affairs. Believing and thinking no further than plunging into the moment of what he believes cannot be done tomorrow but has to be lived right here, right now.

The new collection takes us on an adventure with four different moods – effervescent street style, classic yet classy at the club, getting into comfort zone in casuals and getting tad serious at work. Expect to see the following from each of the lot, perfectly put together for a man whose mind is always fickle yet certain.

On the streets

Indigo Nation

Half sleeved cotton hoodie shirts and indigo dyed checked shirts that are perfect for the onset of winters. The cold pigment dyed shirts go perfectly with the rugged stylized jeans for an all denim ensemble. The colossal range of happy hour graphic tees with a hint of embellishment can easily be paired with the shirts. Do check out the camouflage printed shirts, shorts and jackets that can easily transform your usual street style.

At the club

Indigo Nation
Indigo Nation

A new range of sophisticated jacquard shirts with details in the cuffs and collars has brought something new to the arena. Let the ladies be curious of your style choice.

At the work place

Indigo Nation
Indigo Nation

We’re absolutely loving the structured and fluid shirts in bright hues that make us want to own one in every shade. Definitely adding a good dose of comfort while we work and juggle around the clock!

For casual affairs

Indigo Nation
Indigo Nation

A plethora of every man’s favorite shirts in cotton linen, engineered geometric patterns and classic checks, which can be worn on a day or night out. Vibrant hued shorts and poplin short sleeved shirts are a perfect excuse for letting some sunlight into your wardrobe. Don’t forget to sport your shirts in vogue with a pair of your favorite trousers, rusted corduroys, flattering jodhpurs or trendy joggers!

Continue playing explorer and let everyone be envious of your dashing persona!

By: Fleur De Mello

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